Remove 133$ dollar protection or make it as option

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yunon zavulonov

it is really important to remove this future for the high ticket item sellers, the prices should stay as previous if the system cannot scan such as v1 or make an option if some sellers want to use it


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Lior Pozin

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sergey mutatov

man i'm really disappointing with this 133 dollar thing definitely needs to be removed a lot my buyers complaining how come i'm selling cloths for 9 dollars and than couple of them show up as 133 dollars i'm extremely disappointed this needs to be stopped someone has to turn this thing off this is out of control at least put it out of stock this is ridiculous thanks


samy binhat

definitely please remove it time to time happens to my account similar situation wasn't like this on the version 1 please thank you


julia rubin

the prices change to really low such as 133 dollars and i'am selling a purse for 300 and it says 1 in stock really upset please remove the protection please, finally found this forum on the setting section i'am not the only one who is experiencing this i'am happy about that, why place 133 dollars ebay changed the rules when the item goes oos it doesn't count toward the limits and my limit is 50k there is no need to keep the 133 dollar rule when the item goes out of stock there is an server issue where the system cant recognize the prices and makes it available with 133 dollars iam loosing money on my 2 stores ebay uk and us please remove this otherwise the system is good please no need for 133 dollar thing no other tool does that


ruslan m

i recently started drop shipping my second year with v1 and I did enjoy it before they had transfer me v2 i like it a lot but the major problem at this moment and what really concerns me is the 133 dollars where the item turns to that number and worst part is that it says its available looks like the re-pricer is confused, i understand that not all the systems are prefect but knowing it does that why the hell would someone have from 800 dollar to 133 dollar
of course someone would purchase that please please please eliminate it before someone is really going to get hurt in this program money wise I really appreciate your help


sonya aberdebgian

hi yes totally agree please remove the protection goes back to stock and especiialy 800 dollar item sells for 133 dollars i had to turn of my price monitor


laurant toussaint

same here not a fan i used to use v1 there was no such a thing i experienced at all----- please remove or at least make it available for someone that is comfortable using but for now i would definitely recommend to delete it very urgently otherwise i will have to delete items manually which is really annoying 100% agreed


mohamaad mahbir

hi iam happy to join autods and i been using street pricer as a repricer before so i moved here however iam not a fan of the the oos rules where as the price drop super low to 133.14 cents and when it comes back 1 in stock i have a sale and i have to cancel 133.14 $ for the item thats worth over 500 dollars so far iam dissapointed although i like other feutures in autods but for this one the 133 needs to be eliminated i have read other peoples reviews and i come to the same conclusion for that to be eliminated so, yes its a smart choice please look into this urgently i'am loosing money greatly and i'am not happy as of right now


anna williams

i totally agree i was selling a tie for the neck 15 dollars and somehow it stated that it was 1 available and the price was 133 dollars and someone bought it without question they gave me negative feedback the buyer opened a case that i was price gouging i really agree this is a really serious thing please remove error why is that doing this i have 5 items 133 dollars i had to remove it should i turn off the price monitoring? or
stock please help


Derick j

i had the same issue today i was selling 250$ radio and couple days it went to $133 protection i had a sale it stated that it was 3 available for 133$ really frustrating i had to cancel I definitely agree please remove the protection 133$ where as it causes issues thank you


yunon zavulonov

lets say i have a product 1000 dollars when it goes out of stock it turns 133 dollars when it comes back it doesnt adjust the price back to 1000 it stays 133 dollars so iam getting sales of 133 dollars this urgently needs to be deleted let the price stay the same way before it went to out of stock thats my point


yunon zavulonov

thank you derrik j for your support i know how frustrating it is but dont worry hopefully it will be fixed