Get rid of the 3 orders per day under $25 limit

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Jonathan Robinson

When a customer places an order, and the buy price on the suppliers website is less then $25, (in some cases $30), you're limited by the auto ordering system to three of these transactions per day. If someone is selling 9 items per day under $25, that means it will take 3 whole days to fill that queue up. Just for that one day. Then add on the next day another 9 orders, and it just continues to get exponentially worse and worse as the time and orders keep piling up. This limitation is hurting businesses that are more interested in volume sales and not profit sales. I rather personally sell 100 items per day and get 100 feedback added on ebay, then just 1 feedback from 1 order. The more feedback you have on ebay the more your item is visible. So, please, remove this limitation so high volume sellers aren't limited to items over $25, and can sell more items at an affordable price for our customers.


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Lior Pozin

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