Automatic Amazon TBA to BCE tracking conversion on Manual processing of Orders

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Carlos H

An option just like on previous AutoDS V1, Amazon TBA tracking numbers were automatically converted to BCE tracking when they become available. Other tracking from USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc does not need BCE conversion. Only the TBA tracking need auto conversion to BCE on Manual Order processing.


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Paul Cline

I Want This!!!! :) TBA is a PAIN In The Butt!!!!

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Yarden Weizman

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Yarden Weizman

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Rizwan Khan

eBay now officially accepts the Amazon Tracking number its allowed. Other tracking should not convert to BCE which is a valid point. Thanks


ygal brami

even if eBay accepts Amazon tracking, if you will use it buyers will know that you made an order from Amazon and you will be in trouble.
buyers will want a refund and return the item, it will be happening a lot.

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Ayush Ghosh

you might be able to add the amazon tracking number but the buyer wont be able to track the item on ebay like they will with bce

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